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'Aimee' Tray Small - Rosso Marble

'Aimee' Tray Small - Rosso Marble

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Designed by Chelon and crafted by skilled stonemasons from natural Rosso Levanto red marble. Aimee’s soft curves paired with elegant ruby red stone offer timeless beauty with a bold shape. A perfect styling display piece for your jewellery or small items

150 x 150mm

Rosso Levanto offers timeless rich elegance with it’s deep ruby red base and elegant veining. The surface is honed and sealed for a luxurious matte finish.

Our pieces are all one-of-a-kind and the beauty of stone is that natural variations, imperfections and veining occur and is considered to be what makes them special and not a flaw. Please refer to these images as reference only as your piece of stone will be completely unique.

A matte sealant has been applied but marble is a porous material so care must be taken to avoid stains. Clean with warm water and a soft cloth.

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